Monday, January 16, 2012

♥♥Play! FT Island 2012 Asia Tour in Malaysia - Part Two♥♥

Lee Hong Ki (Main Vocalist)

Lee Jae Jin (Vocal & Bassist)

Choi Jong Hoon (Lead Guitarist & Leader)

Choi Min Whan (Drummer)

Song Seung Hyun (Rapper & 2nd Guitarist)

PLAY! FT Island in Malaysia song list


1. I Hope (Cross & Change)

2. Bing Bing Bing (Cross & Change)

3. FT vs Pri (Colorful Sensibility Vol2)

4. Hello Hello (Return)

5. I Will Get You (Return)

6. Love Love Love (Beautiful Journey)

7. Life (jap ver.) (Distance)

8. I Want (jap ver.) (Satisfaction)

9. Let It Go (jap ver.) (Let it go)

10. Flower Rock (Flower Rock)

11. Sunshine Girl (Return)

12. I confess (Return)

13. Even You Tears (Memory In FTI)

14. Bad woman (Jump up)

15. The Man In Sinsa-Dong (Memory In FTI)

16. Will Love All (Immortal)

17. You Are Smilling Like A Doll (Immortal)

18. DonQuixote's Song (Beautiful Journey)

19. Troublemaker (Colorful Sensibility Vol2)

20. Primadonna (Cheerful Sensibility Vol1)


21. Love Sick (Cheerful Sensibility Vol1)

22. Until You Back (The Refreshment)

23. Like Birds (Memory In FTI)

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Video: Reyn Jae Jin channel.

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